Behavior Medicine 

Understanding animal behavior is critical to providing appropriate veterinary care to all animal species. Veterinary Behaviorist are specialists that work on advancing the behavioral health of animals through clinical practice, research, and science-based behavior education, find more about the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists by visiting:  Animal behavior goes hand-in-hand with animal welfare, find more about the American College of Animal Welfare by visiting:

Our expert veterinary behaviorist, Dr. Melissa Bain, trains veterinary students, interns and residents to uphold the safety of both people and animals.

Dr. Melissa Bain and a dog
Dr. Melissa Bain with one her canine patients.

UC Davis Veterinary Behavior Service provides consultations for animals in order to go in-depth to core traits and consider external factors that may play a role in the animal’s lifestyle.

To learn more about our Behavior Service at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine visit:


Dr. Jeanine Berger, who complete her animal behavior residency at UC Davis, remains affiliated with the UC Davis International Animal Welfare Training Institute, helps instructs veterinary students in animal behavior, especially equine behavior.



Horses interacting at an emergency Livestock Shelter
Horses reunited at an Emergency Livestock Shelter (Gridley Fairgrounds, 2018)

Understanding animal behavior is critical to providing care to animals in any emergency response, especially in animal search and rescue as well as when providing veterinary medical care at an emergency animal shelter. The volunteers of the UC Davis Veterinary Response Team receive training in animal behavior.