IAWTI Training

Training and Education

IAWTI seeks to share and disseminate animal welfare knowledge with universities, veterinarians, first responders and the general public.

By providing an unbiased view of animal welfare concerns, we can examine potential solutions as well as areas for further research.  IAWTI collaborates with faculty and directors of other campus centers, which have a focus on various species to meet and discuss collaborative welfare-oriented research, training, and management protocols, which can be pursued within their own funded programs.

IAWTI is involved in Animal Welfare educational support in lectures and hands-on workshops, including:

  • Curricular Education of Veterinary Students include lectures, small group training and wet labs on animal welfare and animals in disaster within courses throughout the veterinary curricula. 
  • Extracurricular Instruction and Training of Veterinary Students include talks and activities for the Student American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA) clubs including the Student Veterinary Emergency Response Team Club, the Behavior Medicine and Welfare Club and the One Health Club.
  • Continuing Education Presentations to veterinary professionals at domestic and foreign veterinary schools, local, regional, national and nternational conferences, such as the Donkey Welfare Symposium, American Association of Equine Practitioners and Northern California Association of Equine Practitioners.
  • General Public Presentations.

Topics Include:

  • Human-Animal Bond
  • Animal Rescue
  • Animal Welfare in Emergencies and Disasters
  • Animal Sheltering
  • Disaster Preparedness  
  • Abuse and Neglect of Equids
  • Welfare of Donkeys and Working Equids