Specialized Study Program (SSP)

What is sVERT's Specialized Study Program (SSP)?
A Specialization Study Program is a sequence of courses or modules for veterinary students representing a focused study of specific knowledge, skills, and tools about emergency action in veterinary medicine. These skills include emergency animal shelter, triage, rescue, collaboration with other medical association, animal transportation, emergency treatment, and more! Our goal is to train future veterinarians to have skill sets to aid and lead in emergency situations involving animal care. These trainings are aligned with professional organizations that veterinarians can join such as CAVMRC and CERT.

sVERT Specialized Study Program Outcomes

  • IS 100 (ICS) and IS 700 (NIMS) certificate from FEMA

  • Award of Completion from IAWTI

  • MRC volunteer registration under UCD VERT MRC

  • DSW registration at Yolo County Office of Emergency Services

Courses Offered to Veterinary Students (See Course Outline Here

  • Specialized Study Program Level 1 

  • Specialized Study Program Level 2 (Only for students who have completed SSP Lv. 1)

After completing all the requirements for each Specialized Study Program, each student will receive a certificate. In addition, after the completion of SSP Lv. 2, students will be officially registered with the Yolo County Disaster Service Worker as an animal care volunteer.

*This course is constantly improving to provide the most up to date information and knowledge for our students; therefore, contents of the course are subjected to change at anytime.